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These are answers for most of common questions that I’m frequently asked for and you must be wondering about as well. Still have doubts afterwards?
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What’s a product flaw?
A product flaw is a gap in the customer journey, experience (e.g. navigation) of your product that prevents the user from continuing with your planned customer experience. It can be a dead end where the user doesn’t have any alternative to proceed or a user experience that mislead the user to the opposite goal.
What’s the difference between a flaw and a bug?
A flaw in a digital product is a user experience or customer journey bug. Sometimes a functional bug can also become a flaw if that blocks the user from continuing with the journey in your product. However, my intent is not to act as your QA team, but to find flaws in your customer journey and overall user experience or, sometimes gaps that might happen during the development stage. I also plan on identifying improvement opportunities and giving you unbiased feedback as UX + Mobile Product Manager.
What are the benefits?
You'll receive a tear down of your mobile app with clear actionable next steps that you can include on your app's roadmap for a better version of your product. The teams who have built a mobile app, never experience it in the same way that new users do. They are biasrd. That’s where Product Flaws steps in.
What can benefit?
For Bootstrapped Startups
Save time and money by ensuring the design of your product works, before going into development.
For Product Managers
Receive the insights you need, increasing developer efficiency, ensuring your design works from the get-go.
For Marketers
Optimize your app to protect against any open gaps in your customer journey
For Developers
Have an experienced pair of eyes using UX goggles validating your product
How can you help me?
Optimize your
drop offs
the app revenue

Boost User Engagement
& Retention
Increase app Conversion

Success Stories

  • Building a mobile app is simple. But building a mobile app that's easy to use by everyone and engaging, it requires expertise and a lot of thought process. This is where Product Flaws comes in. As an advisory, it's something I can absolutely recommend since their valuable findings and insights saved me a huge amount of work, trial and error and development costs.
    Nikhil Bhola, Product Manager

Ok, but how does it work?

Discovery and Design phase
You can prevent the vast majority of UX mistakes during the design phase when the journeys and app experience are still being thought and designed.

As long as I can see the flow between designs, I can review them and provide my input. The sooner the better because don't want to waste time and effort of building the wrong thing.
Live mobile app or ready to submit to the app stores
The best way to analyse an experience is by using the live product.
This allows me to see the subtle interactions between every element, and how it feels to move between them. You can send me a Figma file, Invision or a simple PDF as long as the flows are easily identified so I can follow them properly.

It’s also a great way to have an extra pair unbiased eyes to review your app before you submit to the world in the app stores.

Helps you avoid appstores rejections and wasted time, energy and money.
How can I send you my app? Which formats do you accept?
Although I have to confess that I’m an Apple fan boy, I tear down both Android and iOS mobile apps.

If your app is developed, either send me the link in the app stores to download or you can share the Beta version through via Firebase invitation or Fabric/Crashlytics or any other distribution tool you may use.

I also review PWAs (Progressive Web App) and Hybrid apps as well, however, I confess that my strength (due to my experience) is with native native mobile apps - iOS and Android mobile devices.
Do you audit apps for devices other than mobile phones?
Great question! I see you’re a person with vision. First, I’m happy for you to ask that, since it might mean that you are above average and and your product isn't restricted to mobile devices.
However, due to human capacity (yes I’m human), for now I’m only doing mobile phones. But I do envision in the coming future (stay tuned!) to do the same for other devices such as Tablets, Smart Watches, MacBooks and Smart TVs.

Nevertheless, if you are designing/developing (or even if you already have) a product for one of those devices, please feel free to get in touch with me, since I might be able to connect you with someone who can help you.
Do you offer any other working model that’s not announced?
Everything is possible, it’s only a question of jumping on a call and discussing what you have in mind. Would you like me to accompany your development team for a couple of sprints? Would you prefer to have a monthly “subscription” instead of single packages? Any other ideas?

Well, as I said, everything is possible, I’m here to help you. Just drop me a line and let’s discuss it.
What if I’m not happy with your work? Do I have any guarantee?
Another great question. And the answer is, YES you do have! If you are in doubt or feeling like Product Flaws is a bit fishy, let me tell you that I’m only interested in helping you fix your mobile app flaws - no hidden agenda, because I don’t do design or even development (but I can recommend someone for that if needed). So if you don't get enough value out of your teardown package, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Friends like before.

Just drop me a line at and I will refund your money back (can I ask you to include the reason why you’re not happy, so I can learn from it, please? Thanks!).
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