I Find Flaws in
Mobile Apps

Let’s face it, every product has flaws! 
And such issues in the UX and customer journeys may create friction with your users and hurt your business.

I find them, so you can fix them.
Helping startups like
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“ The teams who built the mobile app, never experience it in the same way that new users do,
because they’re biased. “ 

That’s why Product Flaws exists.

I help you

Increasing your mobile app’s experience by identifying any UX “flaws” (not bugs), that negatively impact your app’s customer journey, providing structured and actionable feedback.
Optimize your
drop offs
the app revenue

Boost User Engagement
& Retention
Increase app Conversion
For Bootstrapped Startups
Save time and money by ensuring the design of your product works, before going into development.
For Product Managers
Receive the insights you need, increasing developer efficiency, ensuring your design works from the get-go.
For Marketers
Optimize your app to protect against any open gaps in your customer journey
For Developers
Have an experienced pair of eyes using UX goggles validating your product

Proud Happy Clients

  • Building a mobile app is simple. But building a mobile app that's easy to use by everyone and engaging, it requires expertise and a lot of thought process. This is where Product Flaws comes in. As an advisory, it's something I can absolutely recommend since their valuable findings and insights saved me a huge amount of work, try and error and development costs.
    Nikhil Bhola, Product Manager

Frequently Asked

What’s a product flaw?
A product flaw it’s a gap in the customer journey, experience (e.g. navigation) of your product that stops the user to continue with your planned customer experience. It can be a dead end where the user doesn’t have any alternative to proceed or a user experience that mislead the user for the oppositve goal.
What’s the difference between a flaw and a bug?
A flaw in a digital product it’s a user experience or customer journey bug. Sometimes a functional bug can also become a flaw if that blocks the user to continue with the journey in your product. However, my intent is not to act as your QA team, but to find flaws in your customer journey and overall user experience or, sometimes gaps that might happen during the development stage. As well as, identify improvement opportunities from someone unbias using an UX + Mobile Product Manager goggles.
What are the benefits?
You receive a tear down of your mobile app with clear actionable next steps that you can include in your app roadmap for a better version of your product. The teams who have built a mobile app, never experience it in the same way that new users do. They are bias. That’s where Product Flaws steps in.

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