We Find Flaws in Digital Products

You Build. We ensure that there are no flaws in your digital products. We are your extra pair of educated fresh eyes.

For FREE!*
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions.
*This is our little contribution to the World COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a group of digital native professionals, spread across different parts of the world, who understand the importance of having a great customer experience; effortless, seamless and flawless.
We design, develop and manage digital products (mobile apps, websites, among others) on daily basis.

We will be putting our expertise and experience in order to help companies with digital products or, the ones that are not so digital savvy, to find user journey flaws (not bugs) in their products, which could have a negative effect on the customers and, consequently your business.

We want to help the world, somehow, in lessening the damage of the global COVID-19 pandemic on businesses like yours and this is our small contribution to the world with PRO-BONO work during this period.

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What’s a product flaw?

A product flaw is a gap in the journey, experience and/or navigation of your product that stops the user from continuing with your planned customer journey. It’s a dead end where the user doesn’t have any alternative to proceed.

What’s the difference between a flaw and a bug?

A product flaw is a user experience or customer journey bug. Sometimes functional bug can also become a flaw if it blocks the user from continuing with the planned journey in your product. However, we do not intent to replace your QA team, but to help you find flaws in your journey, user experience or, sometimes gaps that might appear during the development stage.

If it’s PRO BONO is it FREE? What’s your benefit from doing that? And why is that?

Yes, it is 100% Free during the Pandemic. This is our small contribution to help small and independent companies and hopefully help avoiding another world economic crisis.

What areas can you help in?

Our main expertise is around Customer Journey, User Experience, Product Design, Product Development, Product Management, as well as, Copywriting, QA and Analytics.

How Product Flaws can help?

We review your product, either being public already, developed or even if still in design/prototyping phase.

What type of digital products can Product Flaws help with?

We can help with mobile apps (iOS and android), progressive web apps, websites, marketplaces and e-commerce stores (including Shopify stores).

What type of companies can Product Flaws help?

Product Flaws mostly targets small companies, early stage startups, as well as solo-entrepreneurs and independent freelancers/product maker.